The blur of life

It’s becoming a blur. Everyday flowing into the next. I look down at this little babe who is now 6 months and I can’t even remember how we got here. I feel like I am constantly going through the motions: eat, sleep, poop. I am finding myself looking at the clock to see if it’s the next nap yet so I can finally get something done and I hate that I am doing that. I hate that I am rushing through Londons baby years. 

She has started separation anxiety.. Beeg didn’t start till 18 mo and here we are at 6 months like a switch! She wakes constantly throughout the night looking for me. I am right next to her but that’s not good enough… She wants, no needs, to be in my arms. 

I am missing so much of BaileyGrae too… Constantly telling her “no”, “I can’t”, “sorry”. I seriously feel like the worst mom most days, and don’t even get me started on how horrible of a wife I have been. 

Of course when I am in it I find my self saying “I can’t wait till she’s two and they will play together” but that reality will be here all too soon. 

So for now I am just going to take a break… A break from trying to start a professional blog, a break from trying to have a perfect house (not that I ever really did) and even a break for trying to have the perfect homeschool schedule.

I am going to play! And laugh! I promise to cuddle more, and break all the clocks. No more “lists”, no more plans. I am just going to live… We are just going to live. I am going to take as many pictures and videos of these precious souls that I can. I am going cry… Not cry like I do now about all things I haven’t gotten done, but cry because these moments, these precious moments, are slipping away. 

Kinda Crazy…

Okay so for the past few months I have been thinking of ways I can make some extra cash to help out with some household expenses. Well I have come across some pretty amazing sites that have helped but nothing was really “Clicking”. Until today when I looked at our fiances and realized I need to find a way to SAVE money!


Now we are already pretty much paycheck to paycheck so it was hard to find areas to save, but I spend about $500-$700 per month on groceries and another $200 on amazon for home school supplies and such. So my plan is to not spend in those areas. How? you ask…


Well I would like to be fully spending via free gift cards in one year (October 1st 2017). I will be utilizing certain websites/apps to earn credits that will in turn earn me points to use towards gift cards which I will then use for all of my shopping expenses. So I am going to use the next 27 days earning points so that by October 1st I can start my conscience gift card spending.


I know it is going to take a while to become fully reliant on gift cards, so I plan on pulling out cash on the first for my grocery expenses and then using that wisely along with the gift cards that I earn and each month I will do a recap on how much cash i saved, how much money in gift cards i earned/ spent and so forth.


So I know it seems a little crazy, I am actually really excited for the challenge! Here is my first post on the subject on how I earned 500+ points on Shopkick!






Hey All! So going along with my “Kinda Crazy” post here is one of the main apps I use to earn points towards free gift cards!

I have been using the Shopkick app since beeg was born, she loved hanging in her stroller so I would always walk around malls and shopping centers aimlessly! Once I downloaded the Shopkick app it was like I had a little job to do in the store! I would get “Kicks” (aka points) for walking into certain stores and then once I was in the store I would also get “Kicks” for scanning certain items.


The app now has so many more features, you can link your Visa or MasterCard and get kicks per dollar you spend. And you can also get kicks when you buy certain items and scan the receipt (similar to Ibotta and checkout 51).


So for example today I was running errands at Vons, Ralph’s, and CVS. Each of those stores offered a 100 Kicks for walking in the door! Once in the store there were certain items on promotion that I scanned and with the few items that I scanned at each store I earned 415 Kicks! So that is 715 kicks and I didn’t have to buy anything! Now the gift cards with Shopkick work in different increments, I use Shopkick points for Target gift cards, the breakdown is: 500 kicks gets you $2 GC, 1250 gets you $5 GC, 2500 gets you $10 GC, 62500 gets you $25 GC, and 12,500 gets you $50 GC. So just for walking into stores today and scanning a few items I earned a $2 target gift card! (Yay me!)


So really if you don’t use the Shopkick app you really need to start! its a great way to earn easy gift cards!!


**Affiliate links above for your convenience.


It’s Home-Pre-School Time

Happy Monday! So today we are starting our home-pre-school curriculum with Simply Learning Kids. We are actually starting two weeks early and re-visiting The Little Blue Truck Unit. Reason being is when we originally did that unit I had just had London and really wasn’t able to focus on it but now we are ready to go full force and Learn!

little blue truck.png

Now lemme tell you a bit about my teaching/learning style and why I chose Simply Learning Kids. So when we originally made the decision to homeschool I really had no idea where to start. I spent hours and hours on Pinterst looking at different curriculum’s, different learning styles, and all of that in between! Wow was it overwhelming!! So I was so lucky to come across Simply Learning Kids on Instagram. She provides awesome free curriculum on her blog and makes it so incredibly easy with links to everything you need. I also liked the idea of having a book as a reference point. As far as learning style goes I am really going to take Beeg’s lead on this… I myself am a visual learner but she may not be so at this point we are taking it one day at a time. Now yes we are using a curriculum but really its a lot of play at this age and she is learning through daily activities. That is one of the things I love about homeschooling is that she will be witnessing everyday activities (grocery shopping, the post office, the bank, etc.) and learning through those experiences.

 Also today we got a “Back to School” care pack from my Grandma for Beeg and she just absolutely LOVES mail!

She sends these little care packs for each holiday and includes a themed pillow case which I just adore!

 So be ready to see a lot of posts on how our schooling journey is going๐Ÿ™‚

Now London is not in school but she’s just too darn cute not to share ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


6 years!!ย 

Today is my Husband and mine’s 6 year wedding anniversary ๐Ÿ’• I am so happy and lucky to have this man in my life!

A funny story about our “wedding” well 6 years ago today we eloped… In our backyard with about 15 of our closetest friends. We had been talking about getting married the Sunday before and well we went ahead and did it! Some may say “how did you know?” Well considering I only knew him for about 6 months I really didn’t know a whole lot about him but I KNEW that this was the man I was meant to be with.
To be honest I still don’t know everything about him and that’s one of the great things about our relationship is that we are constantly learning about each other. In these past 6 years I have watched this man turn into an amazing father and devoted husband. He is constantly making me laugh and to be able to have someone that is always there for you is such a gift!

Can’t wait to make it to 50 years! 

A Letter to my first born..

Its 3 am and I am lying here awake with my infant next to me and all I can think about is my older daughter (3.5) so I sneak out of bed and go in to check on her. She is curled up in a lil ball, no covers because she constantly kicks them off, and she is about to fall out of bed. Usually by this time of night she has crawled into bed with us. So as I scoot her back over to her pillow and cover her up I lay with her for a minute or two and cherish her. And think of all the ways I have cheated her the past few months ๐Ÿ˜ž 
{To her}

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I get frustrated with you on a daily basis. I am sorry that I have to put your sister’s needs before yours. I am sorry I can’t play with you as much. I am sorry that I am not able to put you to bed every night, this kills me as this was my favorite time of day. I’m just sorry that in the blink of an eye the mom you once had was gone because of me having your sister…
But I promise there will be better days to come. I promise to make you giggle more and to not say “No” all the time. I promise to play with you daily and kiss you constantly. I promise one day I will be able to put you to bed again.

Because remember you are so special to me… You made me a mom.

The infant passed out next to me ๐Ÿ˜‡


So today was a kinda magical day… Everyone was happy and I was able to get things done ๐Ÿ˜Š

Starting my home Organization project with this Book below! I follow the author on Instagram at @abowlfulloflemons and love all her ideas, oh and that delicious drink is my GodFather Chai it’s sooooo yum! 

The book is divided into weekly challenges and I used these Post it Dividers.

This has probably been one of the best purchases for our backyard, Beeg is on this Swing everyday! 

Oh that Smile!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope your all having a happy weekend!! 


Okay so I am writing this post in hopes to get some ideas from other bloggers. Particularly you SAH Mama bloggers (yes you)… I feel as though I have hit a road block, well I hit it way before I left the driveway. I have a passion to start a Blog, and my goal is to be able to help contribute to the family as well as enjoy what I am doing… So basically it can’t feel like work.


Now I need to be able to be a present mom and wife all while homeschooling my girls (basically I don’t want it to over take my life). I am giving myself two years to be successful – really I would like to be profitable in one year so we can start saving to buy a house๐Ÿ™‚


As of right now I am pretty scrambled and have all of these random ideas but I don’t see it flowing properly. I know I need to focus on a “theme” and stick with posts based on that but not quite sure what would be best and what will get me the most visitors. I have also considered a vlog but as of right now my hair lives in a bun and is not super cute haha.


So Give me all your tips, tricks, and secrets on how to be successful at this! I am looking for some guidance and I figured no better place to go than the Online community!!


My Tribe

So for those of you who know me know that we moved a year ago. It really wasn’t that tough of a decision since it was less than two hours away from where we currently lived, also it was for my husbands work. I had envisioned myself driving down to Orange County at least once a month to keep in touch with my friends and continue the friendships with my daughters friends. We totally came down all the time up until last December when I was super pregnant and it was pretty uncomfortable to drive that far. After having Lo I though for sure we would come down a lot because babies love to sleep in the car… Well not my baby ๐Ÿ˜• ugh this was such a bummer for me as Beeg LOVED and still loves the car! Hoping Lo grows out of this.. (If anyone has suggestions on how to make the car more comfortable for her please please let me know!! ) 

I have lived in Orange County all my life, my parents are there, my best friends, beegs best friends, it’s comfort, and while it is gorgeous up here and our house/neighborhood is amazing I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong. I am seriously missing my family and friends and the strong bonds beeg had with her friends. I know what your thinking…two hours is not that far but unfortunately with LA traffic it can take up to 3 hours sometimes and with a new baby who doesn’t like the car it’s just not possible for me to come down there all the time. Also I am struggling with the fact that if we are going to be stuck up here then we need to start building bonds.

I have lived all my life with just one really close best friend (19 years!!) so it’s really hard for me to find that with someone else… I truly miss that bond. When beeg was about 3 months I joined a mom group and immediately felt connected to these women! I was so lucky to find a momma tribe that was in the same mindset as us and just very friendly and accepting. I miss being able to just have last min play dates with these women and their wonderful kiddos. 

 I have met some great friends up here for myself and beeg. Maybe I am just holding onto Orange County because my family is there but I am really hoping in a few years we can go back. Sorry this post was more of me venting and writing my thoughts all over the place!  I always love to see what has worked for others! So what have you done when you have had to re-build your Tribe? 
Thanks All! 


Candace ๐Ÿ˜˜